Are you motivated to receive the recognition you deserve? Qualify for the JHSO Program Graduation Package in your own time. Our non-traditional, motivational and accelerated format enables completion in just hours or days at your own pace with no classes required!

Review the program information and GET STARTED TODAY. Its SIMPLE, FAST & REWARDING! For all information about the program please refer to the FAQ’s page.

When you have passed the free online test, you then simply complete the order process. You are then just days away from receiving your Graduation Package! Most people that complete our program receive their certificates in the mail in less than 10 days.

Don’t wait! Review all program information and start taking the online test today. It’s free, secure and confidential.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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1.) How much does it cost to take the equivalency exam?
2.) What are my payment options?
3.) Are the diplomas offered by JHSO recognized and accepted worldwide?
4.) What is accreditation?
5.) How long before I’ll receive my diploma?
6.) What is included in the Graduation Package?
7.) Will my diploma be verifiable?
8.) What can I use my diploma for?
9.) Where are you located?
10.) How do I know I will be satisfied with my Graduation Package?
11.) Are there any classes required to graduate?
12.) What does the JHSO Seal say?

Do you have a refund policy?

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